Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ianiro lighting, YES or NO?

Ianiro lighting is form of Redhead Lighting if the Ianiro lights are more readily available at your location or if they are cheaper to rent than other halogen lights. Chances are that they are NOT cheaper though.

Ianiro lighting
Ianiro Lighting Bag
Ianiro lighting
Ianiro Lighting Kit

I found a site that makes getting Redhead Lighting a no brainer, since the are only $38 a piece for 800W lights. You can get them even cheaper if you purchase the set that they sell.

So are the Ianiro lights worth the extra dollars?

Ianiro lighting is plagued with the same disadvantages as most forms of Redhead lighting. They get very hot, you need an external dimmer, no real control over spot or flood mode, no lens etc.
You will need to use some form of diffusion material, CTB or CTO gels for light control and gloves for adjusting the barndoors or gels during operation.

Bottom line the Ianiro are primarily a brand and not som much as a step up in the halogen world of lighting as the Arri fresnels are. So DO NOT spend the extra money. Either go cheap and go with standard cheap Readheads or go with proper halogen lights like Arri fresnels or a great alternative Cinelight fresnels.


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