Saturday, May 11, 2013

Camtree Rig

A Camtree Shoulder Rig is what you need when you upgrade from DSLR to cinema camera. The Camtree rig offers a broader base of support and can handle larger loads than the typical DSLR shoulder rigs.

Camtree Rig
Camtree Shoulder Rig
With the Camtree shoulder rig you will notice the higher build quality compared to low end DSLR rigs. I used it with the Panasonic AF-101 and it worked perfectly, especially when you consider that  most cinema shoulder rigs will cost about $1000 - $1500 more than this one.

The systems is stiff and if you simply replace the base plate you can still use your DSLR when you need it. The locking mechanism of the cCmtree dslr rig, for holding the handle bars in place is also much better than those of low end DSLR rigs.

Overall we can conclude from the Camtree rig review that this is a low end shoulder rig, however this is only due to its price since it will perform perfectly in any indie or even big budget production (I have seen them there as well).


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