Ianiro lighting, YES or NO?

Ianiro lighting is form of Redhead Lighting if the Ianiro lights are more readily available at your location or if they are cheaper to rent than other halogen lights. Chances are that they are NOT cheaper though.

Ianiro lighting
Ianiro Lighting Bag
Ianiro lighting
Ianiro Lighting Kit

I found a site that makes getting Redhead Lighting a no brainer, since the are only $38 a piece for 800W lights.

You can get them even cheaper if you purchase the set that they sell.

So are the Ianiro lights worth the extra dollars?

Ianiro lighting is plagued with the same disadvantages as most forms of Readhead lighting. They get very hot, you need an external dimmer, no real control over spot or flood mode, no lens etc.

You will need to use some form of diffusion material, CTB or CTO gels for light control and gloves for adjusting the barndoors or gels during operation.

Bottom line the Ianiro are primarily a brand and not som much as a step up in the halogen world of lighting as the Arri fresnels are. So DO NOT spend the extra money. Either go cheap and go with standard cheap Readheads or go with proper halogen lights like Arri fresnels or a great alternative Cinelight fresnels.


Get your Redhead lighting ON!!

Redhead Lighting
Redhead Lighting
Readhead lighting will make your live as an indie filmmaker sooooo much easier. Get these Readhead lights and you will see your productions skyrocket in quality (unless you are already using Arri lights of course). 

I found a site that makes getting Redhead Lighting a no brainer, since the are only $38 a piece for 800W lights. You can get them even cheaper if you purchase the set that they sell.

So why get Redhead Lighting??? Simple!!

You get control over your intensity and you get a lot of light, which is crucial to those DSLR sensors. Most indie filmmakers are using 550D's and 5D's and even if you are using other Canon cameras or those of Nikon you will suffer from having to little light for your sensor.

This problem can easily be solved by getting Redhead Lighting. Just purchase three Redheads and you immediately have your three point lighting. Even though the color temperature is not perfect you can easily work around this with CTBs and CTOs (gel filters).

The Redheads even come with barn doors so you can direct your light more precise and attach your gels to them. Just use some black wrap or anything else to eliminate the light spill.

So throw away your construction light (better yet don't ever get construction lights) and upgrade to Redhead Lighting. At these prices they are even cheaper then construction lights (at least in my area). 


Proaim Aura-24 light set
Proaim Aura-24 light set

Proaim Aura 24 light set

Let there be LIGHT!!
More goody goodness from our friends in India.

Proaim has been delivering a lot of high quality gear for very low "indie" prices. From simple shoulder mounts to advanced "steadicams" (i know, i know).

Recently I have been investigating there light gear,s tarting with the small LED's, to the bigger LED panels and now the Aura 24.

  • Sturdy casing and support 
  • Very very nice price at around $320
  • cool lighting around 5500
  • Battery option
  • amount of light
These really hold up there own, with reasonably cool temperature at around 5500 K and delivering a lot of light for their price. I would advise using diffusers, because even though proaim claims a very nice diffused beam of light this was not the case for me. This off course depends on th elook that you are going with..

In addition to the amount of light and the cool temperature the most appealing for me was the fact that the Aura combines this with the option of using batteries. 

For me as an indie filmmaker everything is well when I am filmming indoors in terms of power supply, but when I go outside I have almost no means of getting decent amounts of power, so the more things I can run on a battery the better.

  • Missing barn doors, [big disadvantage unless you are used to working with flags]
  • some little things, but for this price can't really complain about that
The little things are like the rigs the secure of screws and cables that could be thighter and a little bit more stiff, however this would severly increase production cost and offer little performance increase, especially for indie filmmakers. 


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