Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Proaim Aura-24 LED Lights Set
Proaim Aura-24 LED Lights Set

Let there be LIGHT!!

More goody goodness from our friends in India.

Proaim has been delivering a lot of high quality gear for very low "indie" prices. From simple shoulder mounts to advanced "steadicams" (i know, i know).

Recently I have been investigating there light gear,s tarting with the small LED's, to the bigger LED panels and now the Proaim Aura-24 LED Lights Set.

Proaim Aura-24 LED Lights Set Pro's
  • Sturdy casing and support 
  • Very very nice price at around $320
  • cool lighting around 5500
  • Battery option
  • amount of light
The Proaim Aura-24 LED Lights Set performs really well, with reasonably cool temperature at around 5500 K and delivering a lot of light for their price. I would advise using diffusers, because even though proaim claims a very nice diffused beam of light this was not the case for me. This off course depends on th elook that you are going with..

In addition to the amount of light and the cool temperature the most appealing for me was the fact that the Aura combines this with the option of using batteries. 

For me as an indie filmmaker everything is well when I am filmming indoors in terms of power supply, but when I go outside I have almost no means of getting decent amounts of power, so the more things I can run on a battery the better.

Proaim Aura-24 LED Lights Set Con's
  • Missing barn doors, [big disadvantage unless you are used to working with flags]
  • some little things, but for this price can't really complain about that
The little things are like the rigs the secure of screws and cables that could be thighter and a little bit more stiff, however this would severly increase production cost and offer little performance increase, especially for indie filmmakers.


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